Companionship Assistance


At Home Senior Care Plus offers professional, in-home companionship care. Sometimes the biggest difference between an enjoyable life and a life of loneliness and isolation is companionship. Having someone to talk to and share experiences with is often the difference between looking forward to tomorrow and dreading it. If your family is scattered around the country or perhaps too busy to spend very much time with you or someone you care about, you don't have to settle for being alone.

About Our Companionship Services

Social support and interaction are extremely important factors in physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Human beings need community and companionship. Everyone knows how lonely it can be to not have someone to share their experiences with. Our licensed professionals can sit in for an absent family member or children living in another state or on the other side of the country. Our companionship services may include helping with correspondence, reading aloud, preparing meals, entertaining friends, playing cards or board games and simply watching TV or sharing a meal.


About Home Senior Care

At Home Senior Care Plus can provide the companionship that you or your loved one needs. We offer a wide range of home assistance services, including bathing assistance, oral hygiene, transportation assistance, Alzheimer or dementia care, and more. Caregivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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We are so appreciative of the At Home Senior Care Plus staff. The excellent care we've seen for our family members has been one-of-a-kind. We can't thank them enough!  H. Crapps